Deadlift: The most demanding variants

The deadlift is a basic exercise when working the muscles of the lower body train and above all, the posterior chain of the body. However, if you have been doing the traditional deadlift for a while, you can incorporate some of the most demanding variants of this movement into your routine to challenge your muscles and achieve results.

Of course, you must have a correct technique to perform this movement in its most basic or traditional form and then move to the variants shown below …

Deficit deadweight

The dead weight is executed in a traditional way but to do it we will position ourselves on a pair of discs, a step or platforms that raise us from the ground.

Thus, the range of movement for the bar to reach the ground will be higher and our muscles will try harder if we can go below the horizontal that form our feet.

Sumo deadlift

We will execute the deadlift as we do in the traditional exercise but we will position ourselves with the legs separated beyond the width of our hips and the tips of the feet should look outwards.

The hands will be holding the bar inside our thighs, in a narrower grip than in the traditional deadlift.

Romanian deadlift

This variant of the dead weight is executed with semi-rigid legs , so that we only descend the bar to where our flexibility allows it.

Deadlift hack

It is one of the most demanding variants and can overload the knees considerably if we do not take care of the technique, as the bar is located behind the body to execute a dead weight in its traditional way in this way.

Dead weight to one leg

As the name implies, it consists in performing the deadlift with only one leg , for which we must raise the other foot off the ground and take weights with each hand on the ground, such as dumbbells or kettlebells.

To accentuate the muscular effort, vary the routine and above all, get a full workout with this great exercise we can try these variants of dead weight that really are demanding for your body.

Remember that the most important thing is to perform each movement with good technique to get the most out of this complete exercise .

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