Do you want to go further in your training? Vary your dominated

We all know that dominated are a very demanding but also very effective for work back movement. So if you’ve already got your first dominated and you want to go further in your training, you have some ideas to vary this exercise.

Why change your dominated?

Classics are dominated, in itself, an exercise that will allow you to see results, since the requirement and high demand that this movement implies for our muscles are the key to progress.

Do you want to go further in your training Vary your dominatedHowever, if you’ve managed to make at least 10 consecutive dominated and own a good technique of execution of this exercise, it is time to move forward. And for that, the variety in routine or minor changes in the movements are very helpful.

Also, vary your dominated involves focusing the effort on different muscles or involve other body parts for completion depending on the alternative to put into practice.

Therefore, to go further in your training vary your chin can be a great resource.

Variants dominated the classical

To work different muscles of the arms and back, and also request abdominal, lower back, hip flexors or even quads and hamstrings, we can change our dominated.

Changing the grip, the position of the hands, the way we went up and down the body, the position of the legs or the whole body, we can achieve different variants to the classic dominated as shown in the following video:

With variants explosive , we burn more calories and besides strength, muscle power work, while with legs in “L” ask further effort abs and quads, plus back muscles and arms.

With the “chinup” ask biceps and other muscles and triceps and brachial not just as we do with traditional dominated.

And depending on the inclination of the body, ie, how much more horizontal and parallel to the ground to place us, we can also work pecs and shoulders plus back.

Clearly the possibilities are many and very demanding, enabling us to achieve a new challenge for the muscles that help us progress in our training.

What if I do not have bar?

If you want to different dominated but you do not come to the gym and you do not have a rod from which this motion, there is always another alternative.

To perform dominated sliding we can put on our feet “sliders” or towels and the body lying face down, we pull our arms to run a dominated on the ground.

No equipment and no body can only perform dominated in self – loading, unloading and arm, which can add to the load such as a backpack full of books behind us to achieve dominated ballasted.

We can also move while running without bar dominated on the ground and add motion to this exercise that is also possible at home.

You know, if you’ve managed to control the dominated and want to go further in your workout, here you have different ways to vary this exercise to progress steadily with practice.

Do you dare to try?

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