Effect of abdominal exercises abdominal fat do they really work

It is impossible to go to the gym every morning and not see a group of people performing abdominal exercises without stopping. The reason is always the same; get remove that specific fat is concentrated around the waist and many headaches is giving us.

But what is the effect of abdominal exercises abdominal fat, do they really work? Burn more fat the more specific abdominal do? Today we talk about the effectiveness of this type of exercise.

Effect of abdominal exercises abdominal fat do they really workSpecific abdominal fat

Definitely get eliminate specific belly fat is one of the most common goals, both men and women, and to achieve this, most mortals resort “blind” to specific exercises that work exclusively this area, such as the ABS.

The problem with doing these exercises “like crazy” is that only in this way we will not get delete it , or rather, cannot be removed and what I mean. The specific fat that is commonly generated around the waist can remove only one way: by burning body fat at a general level.

You can burn fat if you burn fat specifically at the general level, i.e. if we spend more energy than we consume through our diet. Of course accompany this expense with abdominal exercises will be ideal, but as a part of our training, not as a miracle.

Abdominal long – awaited look possible, but not as simple as reducing it to perform only abs. In fact, they have conducted countless jobs that has been precisely assessed the effect of these exercises in the abdominal area, and this has been the result.

Results of abdominal exercise

American researchers have assessed the results of these exercises, through sedentary volunteers with an average age of 20 years and a stable body weight, to check this if really these guys managed to reduce specific waist fat with abdominal workouts concrete.

To carry out, a group of volunteers had to perform a routine that worked their abdominal area, specifically seven years with two sets of ten repetitions each, all for a period of six weeks and a frequency of five days per week.

In contrast, and to reach a comparison, another group of volunteers wore a sedentary routine during the same period.

  • Study Conclusion: The results showed that the group that carried out only exercise the abdominal muscles, did not achieve any significant result in terms of loss of body weight or abdominal fat, but after the routine six weeks did show an increase in their abdominal strength.


Abdominal work alone will not get positive effects on specific or loss of body fat (abdominal). Of course these exercises will be a good ally in our routine practice, but we do not carry us to deception or we heed TV ads: if we only countless crunches a day … we will not get to nothing the effect we seek.

To lose that stubborn fat concentrated in our waistlines, we lose body fat first and second we generally follow a complete workout routine and good food; only an authentic look and get six-pack.

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