If you work eight hours sitting, this is the minimum you must do to take care of your health

I think we do not discover anything new when we say that the monetarism harms, much, the health. But a lot of guilt of that physical inactivity has it the hours spent sitting daily work. Sitting is a risk to health and today there are many jobs that much of the day is spent sitting.

We saw not long ago that even the exercise counteracts spend many hours sitting. Therefore, there is a global approach to how to tackle this problem. In addition to trying to reduce the time we sit, we must pay close attention to supplement it with exercise and careful eating.

If you work eight hours sitting, this is the minimum you must do to take care of your healthPrevention comes first, how do I spend fewer hours sitting?

If I work eight hours and then at home sitting’m two to three hours, I spend almost half a day in a chair without moving. This, day by day, has a very negative impact on health. The first thing to think about is how I can reduce the number of hours I’m sitting.

One option would be to try a different work table, which would not force us to be seated. There adjustable height tables where we can work standing up . It is not the panacea or the solution to the sedentarism, but it avoids that we spend many hours sitting, since we can toggle the being seated with standing.

If my desk does not allow me no other choice than sitting, I can do is schedule my day to spend no more than an hour straight sitting . We can set alarms or even there are gadgets that warn us. Would get up, take a little walk or do some other exercise or stretching force, so we avoided the muscles numb and, gradually lose strength and elasticity to spend so many hours without moving. Even while sitting can do some exercise than another.

Much depends on the work of each, but if we can switch tasks in which we are sitting with tasks that have to walk or stand up , it would be ideal. You have to try to avoid all that is to spend a lot of time sitting in a chair.

If I do not move at work, I can exercise before or after

A good idea to alleviate the hours spent sitting at work is to walk or bike to work . Like climbing the stairs instead of picking up the elevator or the escalators and, in short, looking at your day to day everything that is to increase the movement.

Use the lunch break or going to the gym or do some sport also helps reduce the sedentary office, besides making us more productive. Surely near your work there is a gym, park or a place where you can do some sport in the rest hours.

And if there is no way to exercise by going to work or in breaks, the only option left is later. My advice is to look for an activity or sport that you really like and practice as often as you can after work.

Even so, there may be someone whose schedules do not allow you to do any of the above. Then there is only the option to exercise on weekends or at home . And there is no excuse because even there routines few minutes we can do at home .

Food is very important for those who spend many hours sitting

Although we must all take care of our food, a person who spends many hours sitting should pay special attention. If itself do not exercise is a risk factor, eating poorly would add another important factor, increasing the likelihood of having metabolic diseases.

Sitting working often invited to eat evil fast food, unhealthy snacks, sugary drinks … at this, promote basic healthy habits as they are: drink water, eat healthy snacks at work, reduce processed foods in our diet, eat fruits and vegetables daily and, ultimately, follow these healthy eating habits that we all know but it costs both apply. And if you happen to eat at work, we remind you that eating healthy Tupper is possible.

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