Wedding Lighting on the big day

It may not be something you first think of when you’re planning a wedding ceremony, but lighting can be a big part of your day.  To get it right you will probably want to use Lighting Specialists from sites including Consider photographs for example – lighting can completely change the mood of your pictures. Depending on the style of your wedding, light options are various.

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The Vintage Wedding

If you’re having a vintage wedding theme, you’ll want to consider soft lighting. Think candles and tea lights, and if you’re having part of your celebration outside, lanterns. Vintage pictures have a soft and gentle feel to them, and be sure to let your photographer know that this is the vibe you’re aiming for, so they’ll be able to work with the lighting you choose to help create the pictures you desire.

The Fun Wedding

If you’re having a themed wedding, your lighting options are plentiful. A retro feel? Lava lamps make a kooky choice for table lighting, and there are a whole host of kitsch and unique lamps around; if you’re having a colour-themed wedding for example you are guaranteed to be able to find something in the shade you want. The Huffington Post recently described upcoming wedding trends, with metallic colours being a popular choice; think of the possibilities for truly striking lights!

The Romantic Wedding

While you could argue that all weddings are romantic, your lighting choices can make a big impact on the overall ambience. Think rustic, with hanging lightbulbs, church candles, and low indoor lighting (just be sure to let your photographer know so they can adapt for picture taking). The options for a fairytale wedding are endless, and choosing the right lights for your venue can help contribute to that classic romantic feel.

The Modern Wedding

Modern weddings with an avant garde twist are growing in popularity.  Characterised by fairy lights on strings and funky spotlights, modern themed weddings are bright, lively and fun. Fairy lights in particular work well both indoors and outdoors, offering subtle lighting for the evening with a pretty glow for indoor receptions.

Before you start, check for any restrictions on lighting at your venue. For example, you may not be allowed to have naked flames, ruling out candles. If power sources are an issue, keep mains operated lamps to a bare minimum.

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