So you can get and edit to your liking the Facebook video summarizing the year

December is the last month of the year, and therefore a perfect one to summarize the best and worst moments we have experienced in it. So, by now, you have already seen that Facebook has started to offer its users the opportunity to create their own video summary of the year under the hashtag.

Surely this week you have already received a notification inviting you to publish your video. But if it happened to you or if you want to make a change , you have to know that you still have the possibility to generate it or edit it to share it again. You can choose everything from the photos that appear on it to the contacts whose photos appear at the end.

The first thing you have to do is to enter this special Facebook page. In it, if you already received the notification of the video you can edit and share it as many times as you want, while if you do not have your summary available you will see a ‘Request video’ button where you can ask Facebook to prepare one.

If you do not have your video and you have requested it, Facebook will warn you that it will not delay in sending you a notification with him. Once you receive it you will be able to access the video, see how you have done the editing with your photos , and share it with all of yours. Whether you have just received it or if you have already shared it for days, whenever you want, you can enter the page that we have told you before to modify it and re-share it.

How to edit your video compilation of the year

Once you have your video ready, to edit it you will have to click on the Edit Video button. You will see a popup window where you can see the feed with all the photos that will appear in the video. Underneath, there will be another list in which will appear the six friends that will appear in the first row of the final assembly with all your contacts.

Under each of them you will see a Replace this publication button . Pressing it will appear a second popup window where you will first see the photo you have chosen, and if you are sliding down you will see the rest of the photos you have uploaded during the year to choose the one you want to appear in its place.

You can do this as many times as you want until you edit each and every one of the photos that will be seen later in the video. Finally you can also choose the six friends to give more importance to the end, and when you have finished the editing process you just have to give the Share button to save the changes and share (or re-do) your video.

And already, if with the passage of the days does not just convince you the assembly you can always return to the page of the summary video and re-edit everything until it is exactly as you want. The animation on which the photos are shown is the only thing you can not change, so if you do not like it you will not be able to do anything.

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