The Most Dangerous Diets for Health

The festivities may have left many of us with extra pounds, and it is precisely at this time that famous diets reappear and tempt us with their proposals. To not fall into their traps, we show the most dangerous diets health you should avoid if you want to protect the body.

Diet or the Dukan method

It is a very popular diet that proposes above all, take off kilos from us easily. However, its structure in phases well defined in which different types of foods restrict can harm health.

The Most Dangerous Diets for HealthIn particular it can be very restrictive phase one and two which basically carbohydrates are removed and the diet is based on lean proteins. These characteristics not only deprive us of sources of energy but also of good fats essential for the body, fiber, and vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that predominate in fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

On the other hand, the restriction can stress the body and produce a metabolic adaptation that affect us in the long term, causing a significant rebound effect or worse, the need to consume fewer calories forever to prevent weight gain and maintain weight.

As if little in the early stages of the Dukan diet can suffer the consequences of own high protein intake: fluid retention, problems with kidney function, loss of calcium in urine, among others.

HCG Diet

The name of this diet is derived from the hormone produced in the body of the woman when an egg is fertilized: the human chorionic gonadotropin or HCG that promotes fat mobilization to feed the fetus or in this case, to lose weight.

In addition, this diet proposes consume an average of 500 kcal per day, a very low energy value that can not only stress out completely but favor the alteration of healthy eating behaviors to promote hunger and anxiety at losing weight.

The HCG diet can lead to nutritional deficiencies if we think of the small amount of food they consume, as well as hormonal alterations severe in our body that eventually damage the metabolism forever.

Other adverse effects that can generate this diet are fatigue, irritability, emotional instability and other changes due to severe restrictions proposed, as experts say the Mayo Clinic.

Liquid diets

Diets that replace whole foods for liquids or proposing only beverage intake throughout the day, are severe and very restrictive alternatives that it can cause severe weight loss.

They are not good option for debugging or detoxify the body and protect the health not because significantly reduce energy intake and nutrient quality.

In addition, they can foster an excessive consumption of fluids that causes an imbalance in electrolytes such as calcium, sodium and potassium and therefore can result from gastrointestinal discomfort and dizziness to heart failure and death.

These are the three most dangerous diets health you should avoid to protect the body from its consequences. Of course, they all lack scientific foundation and promise excellent results that they can fulfill at the expense of our body’s health.

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