Celebrities have long inspired the fashion world and catwalks with their red carpet style and some have been more successful than others. Here we take a look at some of the trends that have been started by our much loved famous faces.

Let’s kick off with one celebrity who has failed to make the transition from red carpet to high street stores and that is the weird and wonderful, Lady Gaga. Some of her crazy outfits have not caught on, like the meat suit and the Elizabethan collar but the fashion world did take note of her heel-less platform shoes. Big brand names soon followed suit and started offering their own take on the platform shoe minus heel.

Amy Winehouse made a huge impact on the fashion scene, with her trademark beehive and heavy eyeliner. It was a retro look that inspired Karl Lagerfeld to imitate the look on the catwalk in 2008. All of a sudden, the 1960’s chic was all the rage again and this translated into the high street shops with retro inspired styles.

More recently, the rise of the waist trainer and corset look can be attributed to Kim Kardashian. Her world-famous curves led to the rise in popularity of bodycon and bandage dresses, which she sported with her ample cleavage.

Hip Hop has also been a massive influence on fashion trends since the 1980’s. Remember the craze of the early 1990’s started by Kriss Kross for wearing your clothes backwards? It certainly stood out but thankfully didn’t last too long. Wearing New York Yankee Hats was started by Jay-Z and he also made popular, the button down shirt and fitted cap, as a way of looking more business-like and less sporty.

Shutter shades are another craze started by a rapper with Kanye West bringing them to the attention of the fashion world. He was also responsible for introducing the leather versions of sweatpants and basketball shorts. As you can see there are plenty of male musicians who have influenced what the kids want to buy when they go clothes shopping. For Mens Designer Jackets, visit


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One of the most iconic celebrity trends was the ‘Rachel’ hairdo as worn by Jennifer Aniston during the 1990’s episodes of Friends. This became the must have hairstyle for years for women across the globe. The mini skirt of the 1960’s was another piece of fashion that was to become an iconic symbol that stood the test of time after first being worn by model Jean Shrimpton.

And who could forget the Little Black Dress that was first seen on Audrey Hepburn. This piece of clothing has become an essential staple of every woman’s wardrobe. Madonna also deserves a mention for her impact as the pop diva of fashion. Lady Gaga would not be producing such incredible stage performances were it not for the edginess and extravagance of Madonna’s shows which changed the way audiences perceived artists and was possibly one of the first female artists to develop into such an influential fashion guru in the industry.

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