Why dance is good for your health

You may not perceive dance as an effective way of exercising but there is increasing evidence to suggest its benefits. These benefits are not just physical but the way that dance can maintain and improve your mental health has brought attention to the practice.

In terms of your physical health, the benefits vary according to the style of dance. For example, salsa or hip hop are dance styles that tend to get your heart racing and improve your cardiovascular health. However overall, dance is a great way to maintain overall aerobic fitness, and work on stamina.

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Taking dance classes or practising regularly also can help with flexibility which is good if you struggle with aches and pains or have a static office job. Alternatively, if you are looking for a fun and engaging sport then dance could be your choice to help you lose weight.

For older adults, learning to dance will help work on coordination and balancing, as it tests your rhythm and the transfer of movement across your body. The consistent movement can help with tackling ageing issues such as lack of bone density too. However, issues such as spatial awareness and control over your body can also be a struggle for some young children. Dance could be a great hobby to get your child into a routine, developing their physical skills whilst building discipline.

Despite there being many physical advantages to dancing, the mental health benefits are underestimated. Movement in this way, accompanied by music allows the body to produce endorphins which are our body’s natural mood enhancers. When you are given a focus such as a dance routine or step it will help give you a focus which in turn can reduce stress or anxiety.

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It is also a great hobby to take up if you are struggling with loneliness or depression. Group dance is the perfect remedy for these feelings, as you accomplish dances together as a community that all share the same passion. Dance classes such as Salsa Classes London https://rvdance.co.uk/dance-classes-london/salsa-classes-london/ provide weekly lessons which give you an opportunity to make new friends and encourage new social interactions.

Cognitively, this hobby can also be beneficial. Steps to creating a dance routine such as remembering moves, working with a team and problem solving can all aid the continuous encouragement of brain elasticity. Memory and attention skills are also challenged, which are both great skills to work on whether you struggle with them currently or not. After all, it is always a good idea to keep your brain busy!

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