How to care for, clean and maintain fashionable decorating materials

Many are the fashionable materials that flood the interior of homes in the form of lamps, chairs or kitchen countertops. Materials such as wood, the copper, gold, silver, marble or slate, can provide a decorative plus home. However, it is always necessary to know how to keep them, since each one has different characteristics and with the passage of time can lose its initial luster.

Copper maintenance, absolute trend

The copper has gained prominence in recent years, perhaps because of the boom in industrial environments or retro style. Yes, it is a versatile material that adapts to any decor, for example with copper lamps, but also is a material that needs maintenance.

How to care for, clean and maintain fashionable decorating materialsWash the copper piece in question using hot water and soap. As in the case of steel, it is better not to use scouring pads, it will serve a sponge or soft cloth rag. Most importantly, rinse thoroughly to remove all traces of soap, and dry immediately with a clean, dry cloth. In addition, to shine, vinegar is a good solution, but also you’ll be fine cleaner metals.

How to clean silver, gold or imitation materials

The objects of silver and gold may be aged over time. While it is true that there are remedies like water with baking soda, in case you need a more thorough cleaning, or silver is blackened, it is best to use a specific cleaner for silver.

You may find pieces of plated metal, but finished in any metallic shade, like gold, brass, silver, bronze or copper. In these cases, we are dealing with objects made of steel and subsequently bathed in a thin layer to give that effect. Therefore, the properties thereof are not those of an original metal part, with different maintenance and cleaning. Use only soap and water and dry the surface with a cotton cloth or cloth.

Care for stainless steel

The stainless steel is a material used increasingly interior. At first, we saw elements of the kitchen and the oven, the refrigerator, the sinks or decorative bells. However, over time, stainless steel has been extended to other fields such as furniture and even kitchen countertops.

It is a durable material with a metallic appearance that positions it as a perfect choice for the most modern environments. For maintenance it is essential to know that, although it is a time – resistant material can easily be scratched. Therefore, we must avoid scouring pads or wire brushes . In addition, it is convenient to clean it daily, in this way, food remains or lime will not be embedded and will not need to rub to remove them.

Although there are endless market treatments for stainless steel surfaces , you can create home remedies, for example, with soap and water. Soap, preferably the one used to clean dishes, is a great degreaser. Also, if you want a more “natural” remedy, creates a solution with water and vinegar . Always remember to dry the surfaces well to avoid annoying reflections.

Take care of your marble surfaces

The marble is in countertops, in soils or walls. It is a really beautiful and durable material. However, do not forget that it is also a porous material, therefore, will absorb liquids creating stains very easily. So, to keep clean and shiny marble, it is crucial to act quickly. The more time passes, the more dirt will become embedded and it will be harder to remove it from this natural stone.

In the market you can find exclusive products for cleaning these surfaces, but again, there are also home remedies without many ingredients. The best method is to use a sponge with soap and water . However, if the spots are very deep, the vinegar and water will yield better results. It should be added that, in the case of marble, distilled water is more convenient. It is an easy-to-find product, it also leaves no stains or drops marks.

Bright wood surfaces

Wood is one of the most elegant materials within the interior decoration. Normally it used in furniture such as tables and chairs, but also on countertops, in soils and even in coatings. However, wood is delicate. Yes, most of these surfaces are properly treated so they can withstand time without problem, but, even so, it is a material that must be taken care of. For starters, you can use almond oil, which is very useful in these surfaces.

Almond oil repairs wood off smoothing the surface. It will also brighten and protect your furniture for a while. It should be noted that almond oil is best used in small or medium furniture, such as tables, sideboards or chairs. However, you can also apply to brighten floors and larger surfaces by mixing a little almond oil with water.

For natural wood floors , just you have to mix warm water with white vinegar and a few drops of tea tree . Use a sprayer and moisten the wood from the floor. Then pass the mop little by little, you will remove the dirt and give it shine. If the wood is painted, use a renovator oil to clean and care for her.

Protect your slate surfaces

The slate outdoor trend has been for a long time, today too. Resistant material, good thermal and waterproof insulation , but again, porous. Thus, the main problem with which we find ourselves is that, if we do not know how to treat the slate well, the slabs can start to bleach over time losing their original color. Most importantly , it protects, so use one sealant flooring . In addition, it is also interesting to use plastic waxes to be able to shine these floors, both outdoors and indoors.

Finish the stains on the velvet

The velvet has returned to our lives as upholstery, cushions and even quilts. A material of the usual, but that is also necessary to know how to treat. To clean the velvet upholstery, the vacuum cleaner will be useful, taking the brush attachment. It is necessary to aspire once a week.

If any liquid falls, you should clean it as soon as possible. Take a cloth or a piece of paper and gently dry the area. Create a home remedy with lemon juice and baking soda. Mixing these two ingredients and covering the stain, after a few minutes, when removing it gently, you will see that the stain is gradually disappearing.

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