How the condom came into existence

Condoms are an effective contraceptive barrier tool that not only prevents unintended births, but also protects against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. If you are concerned that you may have been exposed to an infection you can get Home StI Kits London way from companies like You would be forgiven for believing that they are a new invention, but for thousands of years, they have actually been in existence.

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Second, they appear in the human timeline around 11,000 B.C. Cave paintings discovered in France seem to illustrate depictions of an early type of condom covering male erections. Scientists state that this is the first known proof of this action.

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Evidence suggests that people used a linen sheath to cover the penis and shield it from tropical diseases and insects, rapidly jumping forward 10,000 years to ancient Egypt. In China, oiled silk paper has been wrapped around the penis to avoid the spread of infection. For their sheaths, the Japanese used fur, while the Romans used goats’ bladders.

The use of sheaths was still an extremely private subject, and their use wasn’t first recorded until the Medieval period. An Italian inventor, Gabrielle Fallopius, carried out invaluable work on the risks of syphilis and proposed the use of a linen sheath dipped in chemicals to avoid the transmission of syphilis. None of them contracted the disease in a subsequent trial of over 1000 participants.

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