Five sustainable alternative flooring options to synthetic carpets

If you’re looking to go green and make your home more sustainable, or perhaps the Property inspection app that you use from is constantly reminding you that the carpet in your rental properties needs cleaning or fixing,  here are some great flooring options to consider instead of your standard synthetic carpet.

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Wool carpet

If you don’t want a synthetic fibre but your heart is still set on the comfort and warmth of carpet, wool is the way to go. A favourite natural fabric in many areas of our lives, it also provides a really luxurious look and feel for your room. Even though it is more expensive, it will be hard wearing. Wool carpets are more widely available than ever before, so you should not have a problem finding the right one for your home.


Another fabulous option for a luxurious look and feel, a hardwood floor is a really classic look that suits just about any room. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go for a traditional look. There are so many styles and colours available now that you can find a hardwood floor to suit any decor and furnishings. It can also provide a long-lasting neutral base for a room.

If you have environmental concerns about using new wood, you could consider reclaimed or recycled floorboards. Emagazine has some useful tips.

Cork flooring

Perhaps one of the more under-appreciated options is cork flooring. It is another sustainable option for the environmentally conscious among us, providing a natural surface that also offers great style and safety in your home. It is similar to wood in many respects, available in a number of finishes, and is also a hard-wearing choice.


Another classic choice that stands the test of time is linoleum. It is a great option that can instantly change a room. There are so many patterns and colours available in linoleum that it really can be used in any space. It previously fell out of favour when synthetic vinyl was introduced, but in more eco-friendly times, it is making a welcome comeback.

It is also a fantastic choice when it comes to safety. Linoleum is fire- and water-resistant and its make-up can help allergy sufferers.


A particularly good choice for kitchens, bathrooms and busy areas like hallways, tile is another long-lasting, sustainable choice that offers hygienic benefits. Tiles are incredibly easy to keep clean, and more importantly, they look stunning, helping you to bring the outdoors inside.

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