Six reasons to buy a park home

You may think of park homes as simply an option for retirees, but these distinctive dwellings can be suitable for many types of people. Thousands live in park homes all around the UK and their reasons for doing so can vary, from the cheaper cost of living to the increased sense of community.

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One of the main reasons people choose park homes is that they are cheaper to buy than more traditional houses. In addition, the reduced costs continue through things like lower council tax bills, fewer maintenance requirements and improved energy efficiency.

Low maintenance

Park homes are designed to require minimal maintenance, which is another reason they are popular with elderly and disabled people. They are built to strict standards, with a solid chassis for the wooden frame and a low-maintenance protective finish.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is an increasing priority in the modern world due to both rising energy costs and environmental concerns. Modern park homes are well-insulated, with low-emissivity glass. Central heating is normally through a combi-boiler.

Safety and security

Most park homes form quiet, gated communities, where the only people with access are residents and the park manager. Licensed site owners must be “fit and proper persons” under government guidance

Desirable locations

Popular sites for park homes include open green spaces or close to the sea. They are generally situated in highly desirable locations, inviting you to relax and enjoy. If you are looking for park homes for sale in Gloucester, you can search for specific locations on sites such as

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Sense of community

Many park homes have requirements like a minimum age to become a resident, but even in those that don’t, this type of living tends to attract people of similar backgrounds with similar attitudes. This means they naturally turn into strong communities of like-minded individuals.

The list of reasons that park homes can be desirable is longer than you might expect and shows that there are many potential advantages to choosing this type of living. It is certainly worth consideration when you are looking for a new home.

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