These are the 11 foods that a nutritionist would take to a desert island

If I start thinking about those foods that would take me to a desert island to feed exclusively on them, no doubt these 11 would be my chosen. The list could be endless, but set to restrict and leave them close to ten foods, I would decide for the list you can see below.

To choose the food, the first thing I did was think of several representative foods to meet the basic needs of each nutrient: carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Second, choose the food that personal appetite would take me to cover that nutrient or group of basic nutrients. Here is the list of 11 foods that would take me to a desert island:

These are the 11 foods that a nutritionist would take to a desert islandList of food that would take me to a desert island

  • Eggs : could not miss one of the foods with higher biological value proteins. In addition to healthy fats and other minerals and vitamins. There are many myths about the egg, but the reality is that it is an essential and very complete food in the diet. The very versatile for cooking being, is also a point in its favor, and we can do many rich and healthy recipes with him.
  • Milk : and say, whole and fresh cow milk. Milk is one of those foods that are controversial, can be a superfood or poison depending on who you ask. For me, who tolerate well its consumption, is an essential food to take in moderation.
  • Ternera : the meat also choose as the basis protein diet. A red meat would bring me vitamin B12, iron and protein, a very complete food and I like very much for your taste.
  • Gold : neither can miss a fish on this list. I would decide for this fish because its meat is very tasty and easily digested. The bream is a fish that is neither rich nor low in fat, but also get my share of omega – 3.
  • Almonds : In general, I like any nut raw, roasted or seasoning, but almonds are my weakness. Here you would also have a good source of vitamin E, fiber and magnesium. They are calorie-dense foods, so it would be a resource for a lot of energy in a short time (yes, remember that nuts for energy dense they are, are not associated with obesity).
  • Lentils : I take them as representation of the group of legumes. Besides being rich in carbohydrates and proteins (one of the plant foods rich in protein) would be an important source of fiber and magnesium in my diet.
  • Banana : Although you could choose many fruits, banana eligible discard, because I think it is more than less would miss if not puediese eat. Apart from good reasons there are to eat a banana . In addition, not containing as much water as other fruits, it is something more caloric and rich in nutrients.
  • Broccoli : there are many ways of cooking broccoli. To me, steamed, is the perfect companion for a veal fillet. Its nutrient content, taste and texture make broccoli one of my favorite vegetables. I think it would be a good choice in terms of nutrient quality.
  • Tomato : this food would choose for their flavor and freshness. Eating a tomato in hot weather it is very refreshing and gives us plenty of water and antioxidants (lycopene). I believe that few of us imagine a diet without tomato and, although it is not essential in our diet, organoleptically I think it is difficult to do without it.
  • Extra virgin olive oil : as good jiennense I am, in my diet can not miss extra virgin olive oil daily. Either to accompany vegetables and vegetables or to cook, this food would accompany me to a desert island without a doubt.
  • Avocado : with olive oil, would be another healthy fat you choose. Avocado is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. In addition, it helps the absorption of the antioxidants we take with other foods such as tomato lycopene. The avocado has benefits scientifically proven health .

And this is the list of foods that would take me for exclusive consumption to a desert island. It is not easy to make the choice, especially for the food you have to leave out. If you had to make a list, what food would you take?

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