Protection of fabric canopy and surrounding ground during bad weather

One of the key benefits of fabric structures, such as canopies, is that they are extremely strong and durable and will last for a number of years if looked after and maintained properly. A problem for canopies that are used externally is obviously the weather and here we look at how you can protect your structure effectively so that it won’t deteriorate as well as ensuring that you have adequate drainage in the ground surrounding your structure.

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Fabric structures are being used more and more and the scale of the systems that can be created is growing too. They are even being turned into interactive art installations that can change the experience from day to night. This increase in usage means it’s even more important to give the structure the right protection from the elements.

The problem of mould and mildew

A tensile fabric structure used outside can be a breeding ground for mould if left unprotected. This can spoil the look of the material and even lead to tears or cracks if not treated properly. An easy method to reduce the build up is to wash the structure regularly using a warm water solution containing bleach and soap. The bleach is a safe anti-bacterial agent and will clean any mould and mildew from the canopy, as well as killing the spores so that it doesn’t grow back.

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Protecting your fabric structure

The best way of maintaining your canopy is to remove it and keep it stored when not required, as the colour will fade from the UV rays and, over the longer term, the sun and rain, along with the cold and heat, will lead to deterioration of the material.

You can protect a fabric canopy by using a weatherproof spray on it, which are widely available. This creates a light coating for the surface that provides a barrier against moisture to protect against the build up of mould in the first place.

Protecting the surrounding area.

Whenever you have an additional structure created whether this is a fabric structure or other construction the run off location needs to carefully considered and planned for as water and other debris will be channeled in a particular direction. It is important that you have adequate drainage and that these are protected with the services of a Drain Lining Company to ensure the drains remain in full working order and not overwhelmed with water and clogged with other debris and dirt items.

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