Planning a Spectacular Wedding, is Every Little Girls Dream

From the age of about ten, many little girl’s dream about how to plan and prepare for their own spectacular Wedding when they are old enough to get married. Where will they meet their Soulmate, where to hold the ceremony and say their Vows, maybe in the Old Family Church or a Fairy Tale castle.   How to Find a wedding venue in Newbury, what style of Wedding dress they think will wear, how many bridesmaids they will have, what colour their dresses will be and what flowers they will chose for their bouquets?  The Wedding Venues Newbury question is probably the easiest to answer as there is an array of beautiful venues and stunning locations there from which to choose.

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Scrap books, magazines, pictures of Ball Gowns and sleek satin bodices with tight fitting fishtails and ultra-long trains, a plethora of ideas relating to ideal venues at home or abroad.  Traditional, outrageous, under the water, jumping from a plane, a small intimate affair with just close family or a lavish occasion with hundreds of guests?  The young girl in question will have thought about and changed her plans a million times but all the original thoughts and dreams are kept safe in a precious keepsake box to treasure and share with her closest friends.

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The actual wedding may end up nothing like any of the young girl’s original ideas but the memories that were made making it and the fun that was had creating it were worth their weight in gold.


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