What are the different materials you can build with?

If you are in the building industry you will probably keep coming across new and innovative ways to build houses, schools or even a block of flats.  Off course there are obvious choices that you can use but we though it would be interesting to note down a few to get your imagination flowing.

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So we start with the most obvious and that is off course the good old fashioned brick built house.  These is not a quick option by any means but it’s been proven throughout history to be strong, sizeable and a trade people can get stuck into. It almost comes with a guarantee of lasting a hundred years minimum which is great.  Bricks are easy to source and easily repairable so this really is a great choice.

Next we move on to the wooden house choice which has also been proven to have a strong base, nice features inside and can be very adaptable to your needs.  Wood is also easily accessible and can be really cheap if money is an issue.  It can have its downsides like the fact it can catch fire a lot quicker and spread quicker.  This can be built in a factory and delivered in sections like an entire roof piece.  This is dirty work and the staff making it will need a Dust Monitor to keep track of the air purity sourced from sites like mattsmonitors.co.uk/construction-dust-monitors.html.  These are easy to use, portable and come in different settings.

You could choose a nice vintage looking stone which people often choose to keep the aesthetics of the street the same especially if they live in an area of cottages, historical value or a listed building area.  White stone can be expensive but worth it in the long run as it will keep its value and look incredible.

Some people have been choosing cladding for their buildings external facing walls. You can create some great designs with this concept and also when it gets tired you can paint it, varnish it and even sand it down to change the look.  Unfortunately cladding can also have its dangers as shown with the tragedy in grenfell tower. The cladding caught fire and quickly spread up the outside of the building creating a bigger problem.

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Lastly there is a newer concept of building with materials that can used on roofs or internal walls creating a light and contemporary feel that is interchangeable, cost effective and can really make a huge impact visually.

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