Benefits of Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Nowadays we are keenly aware of the devastating impact our industrialised lifestyles can have upon the environment and our own health. Unfortunately, the stresses and pressures of modern life mean that we often gravitate towards harsh chemical cleaning products which promise a quick fix. However, there are many green cleaning products on the market, all of which convey benefits not only to your home and the environment, but to your health as well.

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Reasons to go Green

You may be alarmed to hear that there is no obligation to list ingredients on the packaging of manufactured cleaning products. Scary chemical cocktails are sitting on your shelves, hiding behind pretty packaging and clever advertising. Green products often go against this grain, and list their gentle ingredients as a badge of honour.

Even more alarmingly, some of the antibacterial agents commonly found in mainstream cleaning products have been found to promote antibiotic resistance, and can interfere with your thyroid and hormones. What’s more, they have been found to be no more effective than normal soap at removing harmful bacteria from your hands, so stick to old-fashioned soaps and handwashes.

Lower the Risk

One company which offers commercial cleaning services within Cardiff provides a comprehensive spring cleaning service. Spring is a great time to reassess how you approach your home or office cleaning schedule, and hiring a professional firm can educate both you and your staff on the benefits different products can offer. You may find that using pantry items like vinegar, lemon juice and salt can provide sparkling results at a fraction of the cost. The risk of fire and health complaints amongst staff and family members is also much reduced.

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Using essential oils in your cleaning arsenal can also make your home or office smell divine, in stark contrast to the chemical haze produced by conventional products. You will feel like you have been indulging in a luxurious aromatherapy session every time you clean with products containing delicious natural fragrances. Whether you are looking for commercial Cleaning Services within Cardiff or elsewhere, you will want to take a keen interest in the products used.

Conventional chemical products can cause nasty burns, as their ingredients are corrosive. Natural and green products are not allowed to use corrosive elements, and they also have to meet strict standards regarding combustion, absorption and inhalation.

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