How to use a mobile phone if you have sight impairments

Mobile phones are great at helping keep us in touch with our family and friends, and they can also be helpful for people with sight impairments. When you visit a Vodafone Store Near Me like you can speak with the phone specialist to find an option that is going to be suitable for your needs.

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Sight impairments can include anything from cataracts through to conditions such as glaucoma. Each eye problem will cause a variety of symptoms and varying degrees of sight problems.

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A mobile phone can be a valuable tool for those with sight impairments as there are a number of apps and functions on the phone that can be used to support sight issues. Text-to-speech readers allow the phone to read aloud any messages that are sent to the phone, and this technology can also be used to read aloud any text on websites or social media channels. This has allowed those with sight issues to be much more connected and involved in society than they could have been in the past.

Screen sizes and the ability to enlarge the screens also allow people with sight impairments to see the text and images on the mobile phone much more clearly. This includes making the phone’s keypad larger to support dialling.

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