Can scrap copper be recycled?

The Earth’s resources are finite and there is a growing global acknowledgement that more must be done to preserve these resources. A simple and effective way in which existing stocks of copper ore can be preserved is to recycle and reuse that which has already been extracted.

Copper is a reddish-brown metal which is used in many everyday household appliances, including the computer that you are using to read this article. It is highly sought after by metal recycling companies who will pay up to £4.03 per kilo for high-quality, type 1 copper.

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Why recycle copper

Mining copper ore has a devastating environmental impact and is also a time-consuming and costly process. Recycling existing copper products, such as copper pipe, is a viable and highly recommended alternative which minimises environmental damage and ensures that the Earth’s copper ore stocks are protected.

How to maximise your recycling income

To get the most money for your recycled copper products, you must ensure that the metal that you submit is clean, free from grease and oxidisation and that all insulation or pipe lagging has been removed.

Potential to reuse rather than recycling

Many copper items such as copper pipe can be reused within your home, instead of recycled. Often it is not the metal itself that causes system failures, but rather faulty seals and degraded welds at the joints and fittings.

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In this instance, replacement copper pipe fittings and connectors can be purchased from specialists such as, allowing you to reuse your existing pipework instead of replacing it.


Copper is a recyclable metal that is highly desired by scrap metal merchants. To earn the most money from your scrap metal, it must be presented in a clean condition. Alternatively, it can be effectively reused, saving you both time and money.

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