Five ways that any business benefits from a commercial cleaner

Many people spend as much or more time at work than they do in their own home, but they share that space with a lot more people. More people mean more mess, and a bigger space means more places that need to be kept clean. Unfortunately cleaning isn’t something that all companies prioritise when setting the annual budget, relying instead on willing (or concerned) employees or a casual worker who occasionally gives the place a basic spruce up.

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This is an oversight which could easily be more costly in the end than the fee a commercial cleaner would charge, as there are at least five ways in which professionally cleaned workspaces actually benefit a business. Let’s take a closer look at some of them.

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1. It makes the company look more professional

First impressions are crucial, as they imprint the memory someone will always associate with a business. Who would want that to be of a sloppy environment, knowing that the product or service on offer could well be delivered in the same haphazard way? On the other hand a clean and tidy space automatically screams of professionalism

2. The workplace is less hazardous

It is bad enough if an employee is injured at work, but so much worse than when someone is hurt by an avoidable hazard like tripping or slipping on an overflowing waste bin. Why risk losing a worker to sickness, never mind the possible compensation claim?

3. Employees take fewer sick days

Desks, photocopiers, phone and computer keyboards are generally overrun with bacteria, and when these objects are shared between workers so are the germs they carry. Dirty offices can bring down the entire team with a sickness bug or cold within days.

4. Employee stress decreases

Working in chaos, dirt and dust ramps up tension in the office, especially if those who are naturally tidy end up having to clean and empty bins just to make something happen. Banish employee angst by hiring local professionals to do the job. For example, in Leicester commercial cleaning services are offered by professional outfits such as

5. Productivity is boosted

Fresh, shiny and clutter-free working environments have been proved to boost productivity, as a tidy space aids concentration and focus and makes finding things faster and easier.

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