How to Keep Commercial Washrooms Clean and Fresh

Keeping a commercial bathroom clean can be a tedious job, especially when they are frequented by many visitors each day. Here’s what you can do to make sure your commercial bathroom is kept clean and fresh throughout the day.

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Scheduled Cleaning

One of the most obvious tips for keeping your commercial bathroom clean and fresh is to schedule regular cleaning sessions. Whilst some spaces may only need to be cleaned once or twice a day, others may need to be cleaned multiple times depending on the number of visitors and the size of the area. You should agree on a regular cleaning schedule, which should be regularly reviewed in order to see if any adjustments are needed to ensure maximum cleanliness.

Smelling Fresh

At some point, bathrooms will always smell unpleasant, even with regular cleaning. This is where air fresheners can be invaluable in helping the area smell as clean as it should look. Whilst some public bathrooms have the benefit of being actually situated in the open air, most don’t have the luxury. Instead, using air care products can remove these unwanted smells and can prevent the notion that unpleasant-smelling washrooms are not at all clean.

Up-to-Date Facilities

Washrooms should always include more than just basic toilet facilities. Even something as simple as toilet roll dispensers can make a huge difference in the comfort level of your commercial bathroom. In women’s toilets, sanitary bins should be provided and emptied on a regular basis, which is where hiring an outside company to provide the service is essential. For washroom services Gloucestershire has several companies, such as, who can make sure that your bathroom facilities are kept clean and up to date.

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The Right Cleaning Products

The size and use of your commercial bathroom will dictate the cleaning products used, with larger spaces often in need of products that are harsher in nature. Cleaning a busy bathroom with the same antibacterial products that you use in your home bathroom is unlikely to be enough, and so it is important to know which products are suitable for the space you want to clean. You should also remember that areas with a large number of visitors will need cleaning much more frequently, meaning that finding the best products in bulk is advisable.

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