How to look after your health in your 30s

As the clock ticks, our bodies grow and become stronger until we are at our healthiest; however, turning the corner is always getting closer and the ageing process has already started.

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When we reach our 30s, we have already made life choices. We may have started smoking, drinking quantities of alcohol, eating a junk food diet, be sexually active without taking precautions, or be too lazy to do any activities. All these things will determine our health issues in later life.

We cannot change family hereditary health problems, such as heart disease and breast cancer. These are issues out of our control, as are accidents and other genetically unforeseen conditions; however, we can control the lifestyle choices we make.


We are all totally unique and the ageing process will affect each of us in different ways; therefore, we need to lead a healthy life, understand the ways in which our body may change, and keep up with preventative screening programmes throughout our life. When we reach our 30s, our career and personal life should already be determined, with stress and weight problems common concerns. Running a house with children, holding down a job and keeping everything together can be stressful; meanwhile, eating a healthy diet and having time for exercise is not always possible. Keeping up with our work, children and keeping our relationship on track all have stressful implications. Pregnancy, miscarriages and female sexual-related problems are at their highest in our 30s, all adding to the stresses and strains we put our body under.

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For the people who are still single throughout their 30s but have sexual partners, you need to use protection and keep safe from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Home STI kits, which are available from your health care providers, local clinics or websites such as bexleysexualhealth, should be used if you have any concerns.


Lead a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and low-fat foods, have plenty of outdoor exercise, drink in moderation and stop smoking. Look after your skin, do not sit in the sun for hours without protection, and have regular health checks with your healthcare provider. Remember to take time to have fun and relax – life is not just about work.

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