Ideas for Styling a Grey Laminate Floor

A grey laminate floor can be the ideal option if you want a contemporary take on a neutral design. It can offer a modern twist whilst still being unobtrusive enough to complement almost any kind of interior design.

Ideas for Styling a Grey Laminate Floor

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It is also the perfect base to start experimenting with the effects of dark and light. Whether you want a room to seem larger, warmer, longer, deeper or narrower, changing the brightness of the walls, ceiling and flooring can have a major effect.

Light tints will give the illusion of added space, while darker colours will have the opposite effect. This means that a choice of light grey laminate flooring would be perfect for elongating and widening a smaller room.

A Timeless Quality

Light and dark can be used to create a timeless room which feels airy and rustic. A light grey laminate from suppliers such as can be combined with darker furniture for a surprisingly stylish effect.

A light grey floor and dark walls will also work well to focus attention on the horizontal lines of the room, whilst light colours on both the floor and walls can make a room seem extra wide.

This can be extremely effective, but it can create a sterile look without any accent tones. More information about decorating with grey can be found on the Better Homes & Gardens website at

Add New Dimensions

A mix of a light back wall, light ceiling and light flooring can make a room seem deeper and higher but narrower as well. At the opposite end of the spectrum, vast spaces can be made to feel more homely by mixing a light floor and ceiling with a darker rear wall. For a wider room, combine a dark floor with a light ceiling and walls or add a dark ceiling as well to make a room feel lower and wider.

A Contrasting Opinion

For contrast lovers, dark grey flooring is a great place to start in any room. It will combine perfectly with light walls or with other dark accent tones. It is important not to overdo the ‘darks’, however, unless your goal is a room which feels quite enclosed and sombre.

A combination of dark laminate floor and dark walls, meanwhile, can be an interesting combination thanks to the shadowy effect it will create.

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