What Are the Different Types of Concrete Pumps and What Would You Need Them For?

If you are working on a large construction site, a concrete pump can be very useful. This is because the concrete pump can be used to deliver concrete to the different places on your sites, including heightened locations and locations that are deep within the ground. This can make work much quicker and more efficient – but what are the different types of concrete pump?

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There are two main different concrete pumps for you to choose from: the ground line pump and the boom pump. Both of the pumps have different purposes; after all, there are nearly 300,000 firms in the British construction industry, and they all have different needs and requirements.

The Basics of Concrete Pumps

Nearly all concrete pumps have a two-piston system that makes it easy for construction workers to move concrete around their site. The pump also has an agitator to move the mix around, meaning that is malleable and travels through the tube with ease. These pumps are ideal for construction sites that use high volumes of concrete.

Ground Line Pump

A ground line pump will take concrete from the hopper down through a selection of hoses and pipes, meaning that you can quickly move the concrete to a location that is over 150 metres away. It can also easily overcome ground obstacles (for instance, you can feed it through a building), which means you can easily move concrete to your pour site. This type of pump can either be used alone or be attached to a truck.

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Boom Pump

A boom pump has a hydraulic arm that can be used to lift up piping, making it easier to get concrete to hard-to-reach or high-up areas. This is very useful for construction sites that need to frequently use concrete on an above-ground or below-ground level. These pumps are normally considerably shorter than ground line pumps.

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If you are unsure which pump is best for your business, take the time to discuss your options with a professional concrete company. They will be able to ensure that you get the right equipment that is suited to the job you are trying to complete.

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