I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas

When you think of Christmas, to most people this would conjure up very similar thoughts and images – the sight of the twinkling lights, the smell of the Christmas tree, the excitement of the gifts beneath the tree, wrapped in colourful festive paper, ready for Christmas day. But what about after Christmas? We are becoming more aware than ever now of the plight if the planet, and the need to recycle and re-use wherever possible – shows such as the recent Blue Planet 2, highlighted the problems of waste dumped in the oceans, and for every habitat on earth this is a major concern. So, if when Christmas has been and gone, and you would like to have a green and clear conscience, then read on to see how you can make sure that enjoying Christmas doesn’t mean the planet suffers…

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  1. Recycling Christmas Trees – Real Christmas trees are a popular choice for many people, and there are many available all over the country such as in Rugby real Christmas trees from http://www.welfordchristmastreefarm.co.uk/ . Having a real Christmas tree is lovely, but unlike the re-usable trees, this can create a problem for disposal once Christmas is over. If you have a tree which still has the roots, it is possible to plant it in your garden, which is not only great news for the environment, but will also provide your garden with festive greenery every year. You can also keep it in a larger pot with plenty of fresh compost. This is great, as next year all you have to do is bring it into the house to decorate again! If, like many people you have purchased a Christmas tree that has been felled (without the roots), your local council will be able to dispose of it – they will have a scheme for correctly disposing of trees that will then become composted. Do not put it with general waste as it then becomes landfill.
  2. Recycling Wrapping Paper – Most wrapping paper can be recycled – some varieties of the paper that cannot be are the glitter and shiny types – you can test if the paper is recyclable or not by scrunching the paper up and if it stays in a ball it is ok to go to your local recycling centre. Take a look here to find your local recycling centre and other useful tips on recycling all through the year. If you find that you have some paper that cannot yet be recycled, how about keeping it to re-use next year? This is a great way of saving money as well as the environment!
  3. Recycling Batteries – Batteries are in high demand at Christmas – a lot of toys and games require batteries, as well as some Christmas decorations. Batteries can cause a major problem to the environment if they are incorrectly disposed of, but the good news is, all batteries can be recycled. Most supermarkets have battery collection points where you can dispose of them, so it is easy enough to pop them into your bag when you next go to do your weekly shop!

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