Indications that you might need to lay a new driveway

Think about the way your driveway looks. Is it a bit outdated? Have you had it sitting there for a long time, perhaps years? There will come a time when the concrete just will not cut it anymore and that is the ideal time to put down a new one. This is an investment that could be well worth it if you ever see one of the following signs:

  1. Winter weather damage

Winter can hit our drives hard with the wind, rain, ice and snow pounding on it constantly. When the sun comes out in the spring, is your drive looking a bit weather worn? Winter can destroy our concrete driveways, causing disintegration over time. Moisture leakage through the highest point of your drive softens it and when the temperature drops again, it freezes the moisture inside the material of your drive. At the point when the water freezes, it grows, gets heavier and starts to divide the solid concrete material.

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When you use de-icer on your vehicles, it hits the concrete and will solidify over time. Similarly, the coarseness of salt can also be detrimental to the solid layer of the driveway’s surface. Fixing can help counteract such damage, but this will only last so long. Eventually, the time will come to put down a new drive. For Ready Mix Concrete Kent, visit a site like VMC Ltd, suppliers of Ready Mix Concrete Kent.

  1. Ruin your image

Does the condition of your drive cause embarrassment? If your curb appeal is rubbish, then it is an ideal chance to make a change. If a split is evident, signs of disintegration, oil stains and patches, it will negatively impact the impression of the exterior of the property.

Individuals will judge the house on first impressions and the drive is one of the first things that anyone sees. A run-down drive will not emit the initial awe that you are seeking. You’ll want to rectify this straight away if you run a business or are trying to sell your home. A shabby drive will put off both customers and prospective buyers! A decent, sparkling new drive will immediately make you feel proud of your property again and urge others to appreciate it as well.

  1. Resurfacing has not lasted

If you have already repaired the gaps and splits before, this is a temporary arrangement you cannot really rely on the surface anymore. DIY repairs are not advised as you might not have the right materials that are used by experts and this could result in a rough, uneven and jagged look and feel.

DIYers most probably are not skilled enough to fill any holes or cracks in the concrete, resulting in water further saturating the material, meaning more splits could appear sooner rather than later.

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  1. Wear and Tear

Nothing ever lasts forever and anything that is used daily to make your way to and from a property, will inevitably separate and weaken over time. Consider that driveways are affected by such things as:


Varieties of temperature

UV beams

Many footsteps and vehicle movement

Heavy loads

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