How to Look After Your Merino Wool Sweater

As with so many things in life, a little bit of looking-after can go a long way. This is particularly true than of merino wool. This type of wool easily becomes misshapen, stained and even moth-eaten if not looked after properly.

To save you time (and money replacing your sweater), we have gathered together some of the top essential tips on looking after your womens Merino wool Irish Sweater.

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Laundering the Sweater

It may seem like a very obvious first step, but always read the label before you wash the sweater. Most merino wool sweaters can be popped in the washing machine on a cold wash, but it’s always best to check before you put it in.

Whether you have to hand-wash or machine-wash your sweater, you should always turn it inside out, apply a mild detergent and use cool water. Avoid any sort of biological detergent, because the enzymes can be very harsh on wool.

After Washing Your Sweater

After your sweater from has finished washing, it’s time to lay it flat. Pop it on a towel to dry and remove any of the creases, folds and bunches that may have formed during the wash time.

Try Not to Iron the Sweater

If you’ve dried your sweater correctly, you shouldn’t need to iron it, but sometimes those stubborn wrinkles just won’t go away. In this case you should use the wool setting on your iron and steam or lightly spray the sweater instead of applying pressure. Pressing down on the wool in your sweater can cause it to go shiny.

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Remove Pilling

Merino wool is notorious for pilling, which you will want to remove. You can get a sweater comb from a supermarket or haberdashery. These combs gently remove pills without leaving holes behind and stretching out the fabric.

Storing Your Sweater

You shouldn’t ever hang your merino wool sweater in your closet – fold it instead. This is because the weight of the sweater will pull the material down and cause it to stretch. Humps also begin to form around the shoulders where the clothes hanger has been. Remember that if you are storing your sweater for a long time, pest-proof it before you put it away.

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