4 top tips for successfully buying wine

With Christmas upon us, many of us will be stocking our wine racks for the festive celebrations. What should you look for when you want to buy wine to impress?

4 top tips for successfully buying wine

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Although many people tend to assume that money equals quality, a report in the Daily Mail suggests that a good wine can usually be picked up for between £6 and £10. Thinking outside the box can often be the key to choosing wines that are going to wow your guests, whether you are hosting a Christmas party, ordering wine at the office dinner or giving a bottle to your nearest and dearest. Here are just a few things to consider that you may not have already thought of.

Preparation is key

If you are dining out, you don’t want to waste time perusing the wine list when you arrive at your venue; instead, do your homework, pick a good quality wine and arrange for it to be brought to your table as soon as you arrive. Not only will this set the night off to a smooth start but also you will know you have picked a good wine and it will be appreciated.

Aesthetics matter

Don’t underestimate some of the more superficial factors when you are buying wine as a gift. Research suggests that people are still preoccupied with the look and feel of a bottle, especially when it comes to weight. Although you should still try to select a good wine when gift buying, try to opt for one that looks and feels impressive.

Don’t forget red

Red wine is not to everyone’s taste; however, with studies showing that 75 per cent of American wine drinkers favour it, it stands to reason that someone at your party will ask for it. Make sure you stock up from online wine merchants in Northern Ireland, such as http://thewinecompanyni.com/, even if it is not your tipple of choice. Remember that there are different varieties; for example, pinot noir is a far lighter option than Malbec.

When in Rome

If you are dining out, choose wines that are local to the eatery. If the restaurant is an Italian, choose an Italian wine. The same goes for French. Usually the wines that fit the place are the best choices -.it really is that simple.

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