Making Your Housework Easier

There aren’t many people that take joy in household chores. For the majority of us, they are simply tasks to get through in the quickest and easiest way possible, so we can move on to more fun activities. Here are some useful life hacks to make those bothersome chores as quick and painless as possible:

  1. Declutter as you go

Get into the habit of picking up one thing each day and returning it to where it should be. Keep a stash of small rubbish bags in each room so you can pick up rubbish easily as you pass through. Removing small bits of clutter for five minutes every day means you won’t ever be faced with the major all-day clean-up.  The same process can be used in the kitchen for washing up. Wash up as you use items and you’ll be left with only a small amount of post-dinner clean-up.

  1. Outside Jobs

Keeping the exterior of your property clean and tidy takes some serious effort, particularly during the winter months. Take the hassle out of washing down driveways, paths and masonry by hiring a Driveway Cleaning Service. For help with this chore, find out more at lw pressure washing

  1. Delegate

Don’t think you have to take on every chore by yourself. Tasks can be divided into daily necessities and those that only need to be done weekly. Draw up a list of chores that each member of the household can be responsible for and delegate some straightforward daily chores, like washing dishes to the kids or the weekly task of putting the recycling out for collection. The household jobs won’t seem so imposing if you break them into manageable chunks and delegate a little!

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  1. Set a timer

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by dusty shelves and dirty toilets but a useful trick is to time yourself completing these chores. What you’ll find is that cleaning a kitchen might take 20 minutes or tidying up a living room, just 10 minutes. When you begin to see that these tasks don’t actually take up huge amounts of time, you’ll be happier doing them in the knowledge that in just a few minutes you’ll be relaxing in a cleaner room!

  1. Clean as you go

When we spill food on the counter or oven, what happens if we don’t clean it up right away? It hardens and becomes a lot trickier to remove. If you spill something or make a mess, cleaning it up immediately makes life a lot easier in the long run. It might seem inconvenient and time-consuming at that moment, but it will save the hassle of scraping away at dried on food and mess when it’s time for a kitchen spring clean.

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  1. Minimalism

Do yourself a favour and have less stuff. The more objects and furniture you own, the more there is to dust and tidy. We are all guilty of owning too much stuff so have a good clear-out and you’ll end up with more space and an easier time keeping everything spick and span.

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