New Carpet Care Tips

When you have a new carpet laid, you want it to look its very best for as long as possible. A new carpet is a great investment, offering warmth, comfort and style to your interior. Here are some carpet care tips to help keep your newly laid carpet looking and feeling great:


Unfortunately, in high traffic areas, dirt and dust are inevitable. It’s the dirt that gets trampled down between fibres that causes damage, eventually wearing them down. Regular vacuuming will help to prevent a build-up of this dirt getting trapped between the carpet tufts.

Ignore the common advice that you should allow your new carpet to ‘settle’ for a while. All new carpets will shed loose fibres to begin with and these should be vacuumed up straight away. If not, they run the risk of being trampled back into the carpet and causing a matted look. Loop pile carpets should only ever be vacuumed with the suction head of your vacuum cleaner.

Laying down entrance mats is a useful way to prevent outside dirt from being walked into your new carpet.


If you notice a tuft that is rising above the level of the carpet, this is a normal manufacturing fault. Don’t pull at the tuft but instead trim it down to the length of the rest of the carpet.


If your carpet is light in colour or without pattern, it can sometimes appear to have uneven crush marks known as shading. Pile pressure is simply a feature of all cut pile flooring and isn’t a fault or a defect. Try not to worry too much about it as it’s not harming the carpet.


Once you notice a stain, act straight away to clean it up. No amount of care can prevent all spills and accidents from occurring and sadly, no carpet is 100% stain-resistant either. Remember to never scrub at your carpet but only to blot it. Soak up liquid spills first with a clean cloth or kitchen towel, working from the outside of the stain and into the middle. Any solid spills should be gently scraped up by a clean knife. Prolonging the life of your carpet can also be achieved with regular professional cleaning. For a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company, visit

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Modern carpets have very good quality dyes that offer a high level of colourfastness, particularly in sunlight. However, any fabric or carpet over time will succumb to slight fading when continually exposed to sunlight. For rooms with large windows that receive a lot of daylight, consider closing blinds when the sun is at its strongest to protect carpets from possible fading.


Every type of carpet can suffer from flattening over time. This is caused by pressure, whether from feet or furniture. If you’re concerned about a particularly heavy piece of furniture, think about using castor cups. When moving furniture, try not to drag it across carpet but lift instead. A regular rearranging of furniture can help to even out flattening effects, as can regular vacuuming.


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