Six of the Best Garden Sheds

Today garden sheds are much more than just simple wooden shacks at the end of the garden; many now come with extra features to make them last for decades, and they can be bought in a wide range of sizes and styles.

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If you want to buy a garden shed, here are six of the best sheds for you to choose from.

The Keter Store It Out Plastic Shed

If you want a high-quality affordable shed, this one is a great option. Plastic is cheaper than wood to produce, so this shed isn’t too expensive, and the size means that it is perfect for small gardens.

The National Trust Crane Oxburgh Shed

This shed is the ideal size for medium gardens, and it is made from durable Scandinavian redwood. However, it is worth noting that this shed has a wooden base, so it will need to be placed on stone or concrete.

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The Lynton Garden Buckthorn Bike Shed

The Lynton bike shed is made from wood, and it can be used to store two or three bikes. It could also be used to store a few outdoor items, including a BBQ and lawn mower, and the exterior is pressure-treated to reduce the chance of mould growth.

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The National Trust Crane Blickling Shed

This beautiful shed is fairly large, so it is best suited to big gardens. It can be used to store a wide range of things, including bikes, lawn mowers, garden furniture and even gym equipment. The shed also comes with a recess at the end, which offers an easily accessible log store that can hold a wood-burning stove or gardening tools.

The Rowlingson Galvanised Steel Rattan Shed

If you want a very small storage option for outside, this mini shed could be the solution. It isn’t big enough for a lawnmower, but it could be used to store watering cans, garden furniture and plant pots.

The Keter Double Door Plastic Apex Shed

This steel shed is easy to look after and fairly sizable, and it is more affordable than a wooden shed of the same size. However, it should be placed on a concrete or patio floor to protect the shed from water damage.

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