To Hotel or to B and B. That is the question.

I have been very lucky in my working life to be able to travel around our beautiful country. There is one thing that I can’t decide what is the best way to stay when you are away though. There are those of us who like the life of the hotel and there are others that prefer the nice boutique feel of the B and B. Examples of some cracking B&B Cheltenham festival options can be seen at It gets busy there at that time of year and you need to look at all the options open to you. What is the real difference between the world of the hotel and the world of the Bed and Breakfast?

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You know what it’s like. You’re tired and you just need a place to stay for an evening to recharged the batteries before you go again in the morning. Then they is the other scenario where you want to spend some quality time and relax in a nice setting for a week or longer. A hotel can become a very formless and generic place if your not careful and the owners let things slide. Just looking at Tripadvisor or other online reviews you can see that people value the customer service and sometimes this can be lost in a hotel due to the sheer size of numbers that are there. Many hotels try and focus on a boutique approach with fewer rooms but great service almost tracking and aping what a Bed and Breakfast can do. They will try and provide the amenities without compromising on the closeness and warmth that a locally family run Bed and Breakfast can provide. There is also the cheaper chain hotels that offer a quick respite. They are basic and are classed as a hotel but they can be sadly quite depressing as they follow a set pattern of style so that you could walk into any of their rooms in any hotel and you would not be able to pick out which one you were in.

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So let us speak in praise of the bed and Breakfast. It may be comparable in price to the cheaper hotels but at leat you generally don’t have to pay extra for a breakfast and it is usually a locally sourced product based breakfast at that. So for change rather than just go straight to the discounts and the websites why not try and support a local industry and go for a Bed and Breakfast instead.

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