Microsoft is finally creating a dark theme for Windows Explorer

Unfortunately it’s not as pretty as that theme that appears on our cover image, but at least it’s a work in progress. It seems that finally after a couple of decades, the Windows file explorer will have a dark theme .

Discovered by Rafael Rivera de Thurrott , it is possible to activate it at this moment through the tool Mach2 , a utility to activate multiple experimental functions that are hidden in the preliminary versions of Windows 10 .

While in Windows 10 it is possible to activate the dark theme in most applications and part of the interface , the file explorer is not one of the lucky ones. Only through third party issues is it possible to make the tool have a black background.

As we can see in the screenshots, it is still a work in progress and only the sidebar has a black background at the moment . When it will be ready and when Microsoft plans to include it in a stable version of the system or if it will even do so, is a question for which we have no answer. But hey, it’s good news for those who hate that the whole white blinds them when they use the computer in the dark.

If you want your Windows 10 to look like the cover image, you will need to download this theme and if you do not know how to change the theme in Windows 10 , we have a guide.

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