Electroless nickel plating: the pros and cons

Electroless nickel plating is a process in which metal components are treated against wear and corrosion, using a chemical bath to impart the necessary protective properties. It is an effective and popular alternative to traditional plating or coating.

But is it always the right choice? In this article, we investigate the good and bad points of electroless nickel plating.

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1. It delivers a uniform coating across all parts of the component.

2. It offers excellent corrosion resistance.

3. It is less likely to succumb to damage from wear or friction.

4. It is cost-effective as no electricity is needed to conduct the process.

5. Electroless nickel plating can coat non-metal surfaces as well as metals, making it very versatile.


1. It is unsuitable if the components are going to be exposed to very high temperatures.

2. Safe storage and use of chemicals is required.

3. The coating that is applied cannot easily be removed.

Electroless nickel plating is not a job for a competent DIYer. Anybody wishing to have a component plated in this manner should consult an expert such as https://www.poeton.co.uk/standard-treatments/electroless-nickel-plating to ensure that the job will be completed safely and to the necessary high standards.

One industry sector that relies heavily on electroless nickel plating is the aerospace industry as it has proven to provide effective protection against wear, abrasion, friction and harsh environmental conditions.

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There are many reasons why electroless nickel plating is a superb alternative to hard chrome plating and very few instances when it will not deliver the required results. To find out more about this process or to inquire about having your components subjected to this process, contact a reputable professional to ensure that the necessary safety and quality standards will be adhered to at all times.

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