What marketers need to know about micro-moments

The way consumers behave has changed forever in recent years due to the use of mobile devices; therefore, marketers’ understanding of their behaviour must also change. Decisions are made in split seconds – or micro-moments – during which a fleeting thought can change into an action that shapes a consumer’s preference on their buying journey.

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What are micro-moments?

This new model for marketing is born from the fact that we consume media differently since we wholeheartedly embraced mobile technology. We no longer spend long, predictable sessions online each day; instead, we make hundreds of bite-size interactions spontaneously throughout our day, whether chatting on social media, browsing, or checking the weather.

In addition, there are those moments when we are spontaneously compelled to reach for our smartphone and take action, find out about or buy something – perhaps to book a hotel or order that great book your friend mentioned. These are the micro-moments in which key decisions are made, and they are game-changing for brands and consumers alike.

The expectations of a consumer are very high in these moments, as the computing power that we carry around with us has allowed us to expect to have what we want right now!

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What does the research tell us about micro-moments?

Recent research findings include:

– 69 per cent of travellers with smartphones use their spare moments, such as when waiting for a bus, to research travel ideas. Up to half of these proceed to book through a completely different channel.

– 91 per cent of smartphone users look up something while doing a different task.

– 82 per cent of users check on their phone while browsing products in store, with 10 per cent of these ultimately choosing a product different to the one they had originally wanted

It is clear that the quality, relevance and timing of a company’s online content at these times has a huge influence on consumer perception, and that the brands that will do well in the age of micro-moment marketing will have a clear strategy around this.

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