If you want to lose weight start by being realistic keys to achieve it successfully

When we see that the extra kilos accumulate without putting a brake on the issue, in too many cases, we choose to act desperate following drastic measures that are often harmful or unhealthy for the body.

It’s time to stop and think about what our goal is and how it should be the right way to go to get it. If you want to lose weight start by being realistic: key keys to achieve it successfully.

What do we get confused about?

In general, errors always come from the same channel, especially in sedentary people and little accustomed to take care of their diet: the terrible food errors.

Too drastic or restrictive actions in the diet such as skipping meals, eating too little, removing necessary foods or forgetting about extremely sugary drinks because “after all, they are just drinks” are the most frequent mistakes we make.

Contrary to this ineffective way of acting, and with which we are only going to see fleeting results, the ideal is to adjust to a balanced and hypocaloric diet (if it is what we need) but to include and secure all the nutrients that the body Needs, always combining it with an active life where the practice of exercise can fit .

Never set unreachable goals in the short term!

To start being realistic of the physical point of departure and to which we want to arrive is going to be fundamental. If to reach a good physical condition we have 15kg we can not pretend to impose ourselves the goal of seeing us great in a month, because in “two days” will lead us to suffer a terrible feeling of failure.

We must begin by setting realistic goals in the short term, that is, progressive results that fit into the process we are looking for in an optimal way. We should not forget that, normally, when we have a significant amount of weight, the normal thing is that at first we lose pounds more quickly and, little by little, the process of losing weight slows down a bit more.

Appreciate and reward your progress from time to time

Once you are putting progressive goals in time you will see that these are being fulfilled without problems; It’s time to congratulate yourself, get carried away with enthusiasm and continue on the right path.

Normally in the first weeks can be lowered around 1.5kg, always depending on the physical state from which we depart. Go fix yourself, for example, weekly goals in which you can appreciate your progress. Beware of obsessing over yourself every day, you will not see real results or good motivation.

Rewarding yourself every week for a job well done, for example, with a free meal can be a perfect measure to, on the one hand, restore hormonal levels and, on the other hand, evade the daily diet and resume it even more earnestly.

Follow a personalized diet without abuse

We can not pretend to change from white to black from one day to another, and it is not the solution either. As we said before, too restrictive diets and eating errors will only lead to failure.

Once you plan your goal adapt it to the balanced diet that fits your needs, eliminating from the outset products refined, fried, sweet, sugary drinks, etc … but always including variety of foods and nutrients.

Do not fall into the trap of resorting to miraculous diets that appear on the web or that have been phenomenal to your neighbor, each person has their needs and should opt for a personalized diet. If you have any doubts or need to resort to a more strict diet (depending on the needs of each) do not hesitate to go to a good professional to advise you.

No diet without exercise … or exercise without diet!

There are those who mistakenly choose to choose only one of these options . If we “kill” to exercise every day but do not care for our diet, we will not do anything; And on the contrary, if we take care of what we eat but decide not to exercise, we are in the same.

Exercise is not only a complement to get rid of that, but it is a health supplement for our body and also, of course, for our physique. Losing weight is fine, but ideally we do it while we work our body and fortify it, put it more clearly, we put everything firmly in place!

If you have never practiced exercise is a good time to start in the gym. In Vitonica we help you know where to start if you have no idea of ​​diet and exercise, and we tell you everything you have to know before you start in a gym room.
If on the contrary you prefer to join the gym when you have a little more experience, do not worry, here you can also find perfect workouts to start your routines at home.

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