, find podcasts and radio programs according to specific themes

There are thousands of podcasts on the Internet, some of which have produced hundreds of episodes. Most of them do not offer transcriptions, so if you are interested in knowing if a certain topic is covered you can only guide them by the titles and the descriptions of them. If you want to know, you have no choice but to listen. Or maybe not?

Thanks to you will not have to listen to hundreds of hours of podcast, since you can know if a topic is covered in one just by entering keywords , since it works like a normal search engine. If these keywords appear in the broadcast, the search engine will return the results to the podcasts you have found.

For example, we have done a little test by entering “Google” in the search field, showing all the podcasts and programs that include it in its title or description. The funny thing is that it also shows in which parts of the broadcast is used :

You can change the order of results by relevance, date, or duration on the search results page. Each one is listed with your name and related information , such as your main category and different tags.

Each podcast is accompanied by a link to iTunes , which will allow you to listen to it if you click on it. You can also click on the title to open a detail page right on the web itself. On that page you can also listen to the podcast from instead of iTunes, as well as discover related broadcasts.

The search and listen function is free, and you do not need to create an account to search or listen to content. The same can be said for several useful indexes that maintains: one for people, another for programs, lists and a recommendations service that suggests a new podcast every day.

The service also offers a function called “audio alerts”, which does require an account . This feature sends notifications to the email account linked to the account each time a word or phrase is pronounced in a program that the search engine indexes.

Otherwise, is a useful service that will make life much easier when it comes to finding podcasts through text and keywords.

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