Chunks, a webapp for writers and non-writers that invites you to take your notes “by bits”

If something is not scarce in absolutely all platforms, whether the web, the desktop or the mobile, are the applications to take notes or manage tasks . Almost every week there are one or several new ones, but the funny thing is that at least once in a while, someone has a different approach that maybe was the one you were looking for.

Just that is what makes Chunks (chips), a web application that wants to offer a new way of writing a lot of things . His style is quite different from what we’re used to, it’s basically like a Messenger window.

Take notes as if you were writing in a chat, creating folders as if they were conversations

Chunks, as the name implies, carries behind the idea of ​​writing “by bits”, that is, in the same way that most of us have become accustomed to chatting today, where almost nobody writes more than one line, much minus a whole paragraph.

If you see your conversation windows in the instant messaging apps that you use, you will find lines and lines in separate text bubbles, many people even have the habit of writing less than two words per bubble, dividing the conversation into small pieces each smaller and smaller .

Chunks appeals to people who are so used to this that they may find it convenient to write whatever they want or take their notes in a similar window. The app, which currently only works on the web and from the desktop, is in beta and is extremely simple. The latter is perhaps its main charm.

The only thing you have is a window (extremely similar to Facebook Messenger on the web). On the left you have the folders, which are almost like “conversations” , and on the right the text drawer that is a chat window.

You can write without limits, message after message for yourself. You have a subject with a clear appearance and a dark one. You have three typography styles, and you can also activate sounds to hear effects when typing. You can share links to your notes and you can also export a folder as PDF .

If this experiment catches your attention, it does not hurt to give it a try.

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