The anti-adblocker, a complement of uBlock Origin to block the locks

The topic of web advertising has always been controversial, with the ad blockers such as Adblock Plus that already exceeds more than 100 million users, many media have opted for different strategies to ensure that you can monetize your content. One of them is to effectively block those who block their ads and not allow them access to a site until they are deactivated in adblocker.

As expected, when someone blocks something, or blocks something that blocks something, quickly and effectively the Internet goblins are responsible for creating something that blocks what blocks the locks. All that tongue twister to talk about ” anti-adblock ” or how extensions like uBlock Origin already have ways to block the measures that some websites use to restrict access to those who use the plug-in in their browser.

In this case it is an add-on for uBlock Origin that gives you the ability to skip the restrictions that some pages use to block adblockers. UBlock Origin Extra does not work individually and should be used next to the original uBlock Origin extension for it to take effect.

It is currently only available for Chrome , or Chromium based browsers. You can download it from your official GitHub page, or from the Chrome Web Store.

UBO-Extra once installed will run automatically and does not require any additional configuration. Although it adds an icon to the list of extensions in Chrome, it has no more utility than indicating that the extension is installed, so you can hide it. We have tried it on several websites that practice blocking like Wired or IndiaTimes and it works there. However, it is a tool in development and might not be 100% effective on absolutely every page.

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