Kingsway, the role play that takes place in an operating system

In we do not usually talk about videogames a lot, for that our LifeExtra companions are already there , but from time to time there is some curiosity that we can not miss and that we are forced to comment on. Let this particular role play be an example of this.

We refer to Kingsway , a title developed by the Adult Swim television network, famous for series such as Rick and Morty or Metalocalypse , and which takes place within an operating system. The game should reach PCs this summer, as you can read on its official website .

RPGs are a well-established genre within the gamer community, so creating a new one that is capable of highlighting is something that can be tricky. The developer Andrew Morrish hopes to get it with the mechanics of Kingsway, which suggests that they will be a bit special:

For the rest, Kingsway follows the usual formula of RPGs, where you must choose a hero, defeat enemies, avoid traps (and kill them) and organize your obejects in your inventory as you progress. Where the game differs is in how everything is presented to the player .

For example, traps and enemies are pop-up windows , your inventory is a folder full of files and the missions will reach you via email. Everything you would do during a day of work on the computer is represented in the game, although the main difference is that here you are playing something.

A feature that Kingsway shares with some current independent video games, such as Darkest Dungeon , is the random generation of the world . This is something very common in roguelike titles, and ensures that no player will live the same experience, and that every time you start a new game you will live a new adventure.

For now all we can do is wait for the game to come out before we can make a judgment. The idea seems good, and from what you see in the video we can face two possible: either the unusual approach of Kingsway to the RPG is a very enjoyable experience, or it becomes very confusing and difficult to understand.

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