Six web design trends we can expect to see in 2024

Websites experience trends in the same way as any other industry, so what can we expect to see lining up as a hot trend this year? Regardless of whether you intend to adjust your site to meet changing fashions, these are the directions you need to know about.

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1. Custom and bold type

Expect to see a bolder and more creative style of typeface being used across websites. Specialists in web design Surrey, such as, will be using typefaces that give websites a distinctive feel without compromising readability.

2. Nostalgic design

Expect to see a return to the more nostalgic earlier website designs in a trend that mirrors what is happening in the fashion and youth culture industries, particularly with a nod to millennium trends and 90s colour palettes.

3. UX first

Websites will be built UX first and micro-interactions will be considered – small changes that happen when a user does something on the website. An example could be a changing colour on a menu button as you hover or a small animation that plays when you press the submit button.

4. Bento grid layouts

Do you know the Bento box with its visually appealing layout that lets different elements of your lunch be seen in one glance? The Bento box approach to design will be seen on websites this year.

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5. More use of AI

Expect to see AI everywhere, offering richer, more customised and intelligent tech-led experiences. This will range from the use of chatbots to behavioural analysis and auto recommendations.

6. More accessibility

Experts in web design in Surrey are already well ahead when it comes to accessibility, with this trend set to grow in 2024 to ensure everyone can read and access sites.

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