Winter wedding style

While the majority of couples dream of a wedding day when the sun is constantly shining, there are an increasing number of brides- and grooms-to-be who are opting for a wedding during the winter months. There are lots of places to turn to for inspiration in terms of outfits, venues and styling for the wedding itself and for the members of the wedding party, which could include looking at celebrity weddings and celebrity mothers of the bride. As a winter wedding can be easier on the budget, you may be able to arrange a celebrity-style wedding for a fraction of the cost.

Winter wedding style

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Venues, decoration and style

If you choose to get married in the winter, then there is a very good chance that you will be able to secure the venue you want at a fraction of the cost of holding a wedding there during the summer months. This will then give you scope to spend more money elsewhere.

Winter weddings can mean seasonal winter food and drinks; for example, mulled wine makes a great arrival drink for your guests. You can decorate your venue using winter flowers and foliage, such as pinecones and holly, and give it a winter theme by using colours such as whites and blues or reds and golds. Any concerns about the weather can be forgotten, as you can create stunning backdrops inside your wedding venue where your photographs can be taken.

What to wear for a winter wedding

The question of what to wear is no more difficult to answer than if you were having a summer wedding. If you are the bride, then having something such as a bolero to cover up a strapless dress or one with thin straps is probably a good idea. Use a source such as Style & the Bride to get ideas and inspiration.

For bridesmaids, the same principle is likely to apply. The best idea is to put your bridesmaids in dresses suitable for indoor wear but with something additional over the top to keep them warm. For the men and other wedding guests the best advice is to dress as you would for any other wedding, but take the weather and the temperature into consideration.

A winter wedding can be a spectacular affair, even if you are on a budget.

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