Carboxitherapy to combat cellulite and sagging

You want to end this unsightly cellulite and sagging skin to achieve the figure you’ve always wanted? A body treatment as carboxitherapy will offer you the help you need.

What is carboxitherapy?

With a variety of applications to enhance the beauty and health of our skin, called carboxitherapy has become one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in beauty centers over the years. Your satisfactory when the results eliminate fat deposits, existing in certain parts of your body, make this method one of the most effective in achieving the dream silhouette.

Carboxitherapy to combat cellulite and saggingWe are facing a non-invasive method based on the application of carbon dioxide subcutaneously from small infiltrations. Through this practice you will get enhance the oxidation of fatty acids, thereby reducing the presence of the above cellulite and sagging skin. Except for a slight discomfort and redness of the skin in the area of application, this body treatment has no side effects that can endanger our own wellbeing.

In general, when they complete these sessions, it carboxitherapy often supplemented with other treatments such as pressotherapy or LPG in order to increase the gas diffusion to adjacent tissues.

Benefits of carboxitherapy

In addition to combat cellulite and sagging skin, these treatments can help for many other conditions that threaten our health and beauty. In this sense, the carboxitherapy can be a perfect ally to treat acne, for which the antiseptic properties of gas will be exploited in order to stop the infection, reduce the level of inflammation in our face and regenerate those parts of our skin, who they have been threatened by pimples, blackheads and a number of imperfections associated with acne.

On the other hand, this body treatment can also be useful to reduce the presence of dark circles, especially if the latter leave their mark caused by stress or lack of sleep. At the same time it can be useful to stop hair loss by improving circulation to the scalp. We can also treat stretch marks, since the CO2 activate circulation, favoring the production of collagen and elastin.

In the case of cellulite, this treatment able to improve this type of condition returning elasticity to our skin and enhancing lymphatic and blood circulation, which will increase the elimination of liquids. At the same time, it reduces the orange peel, and the mark left by the unsightly dimples, being able to relieve the symptoms associated with this condition as is the heaviness.

Depending on the characteristics of each person, the most appropriate number of sessions to take advantage of all its benefits is about 13 or 15 sessions, with a frequency of two or three times a week. Just after the session, you should avoid direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight the next 24 or 48 hours.

Have you tried the benefits of carboxitherapy sometime? How was your experience?

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