Models according washer washing system

Have I thought about buying a cheap washer and efficient for your kitchen? In today’s market you can find a wide variety of models. Here are some tips so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences and economic availability.

The washing machine is the most energy consuming appliance in our home, after the refrigerator and the TV, according to a study by the Institute for Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE). For the same reason, we must bear in mind the washer model, not only can better fit the aesthetics of our stay, but also its practicality and efficiency level in relation to energy consumption.

Models according washer washing systemIdeal washing machine according to the washing system

With respect to issues related to the washing system, one of the best known is that of vanes or stirrer. In these cases, washing is performed from a moving vanes that give a twist back 3/4 which it causes the clothes up and down in the tub, soaking the clothes all detergent, able to catch and retain the existing dirt.

One of the benefits that this washing system you can provide is easier to load and remove clothing as well as durability for internal parts, not to mention that we are about cycles of short washes or the possibility of withdrawing garments during the said wash cycle.

Another models of washing machines according to the washing system is known as a method impeller , in which the washer has a plastic plate or stainless steel in the bottom of the tub, which can cause turbulence that agitate the clothing allow the detergent do its corresponding work of cleaning. Besides having easier to load and remove clothing, the tub will have greater capacity.

On the other hand, one of the systems most recent washing is known as the system of bubbles, which works with a pump, which injects air into the mixture of detergent and water, a mixture that will be sent to the tub in the form of the bubbles. The latter will enter into the fabric of the garments. In addition to stand as a novel system it has a program green washing of only about 15 minutes, in addition to being more efficient by reducing the consumption of electricity.

Another model depending on the washing system is the known system of horizontal drum. This cleaning operation is performed by rotating the drum and move the soapy water from the top down by between garments. One of the benefits that we can make this washing system consisting in using less water than a top loading washing machine, needing less amount of detergent, less damage the clothes and cleaned more effectively.

What washing systems for your washing machine you are most effective for your laundry?

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