Make your Office Space Comfortable with these Desk Ideas

 If you work a 9 – 5 job at an office, then you will want to make sure your desk is as comfortable as possible; this will improve productivity, and will really make you feel at home. Most of your day is spent at your desk, so there is nothing wrong with adding a few homely touches to your workspace. If your office tends to get hot, why not ask your boss if they can get an air conditioning system for the office? There are many Air con Gloucester based companies such as, or air conditioning companies near you who can fit an air-con system in your workplace. 

Grab a Cushion 

When you’re sitting at a disk for long periods of time, it can have a massive impact on your physical health, such as back problems. A great solution for this is a cushion, as this will create extra comfort for when you’re sitting down, and it just makes you feel a little more at home.

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Jazz up Your Desk 

If you’re at your job for eight hours a day, a nice work desk will make you feel more comfortable in your office space; you could buy your own fancy work mug, a nice coaster, and if you are a real fan of stationary, you could buy some decorative desk storage and cute matching stationary. If your boss allows it, you could buy a desk plant to look after; if real plants aren’t allowed at your desk, you could buy an artificial plant.

Bring Your Home to You 

If you’re going to decorate your desk, why not include some personal items from home? You could have a family photo or even a drawing that your child has done for you. A little decoration from home, like an ornament etc will make you feel more comfortable at your desk.

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 Make it comfortable for you 

Working in an office typically involves wearing formal wear, but if your office is cold, why not bring a fluffy scarf, or a warm hoody – you can then just take it off if you’re due a meeting. If your feet tend to get cold, you could bring some slippers to wear under your desk. A spare blanket from home to wear on your lap will also make you feel more snuggly. You could buy a magazine from a store to read on your lunch break or bring along a knitting or crochet project. If you’re not required to answer telephone calls, you could even listen to some relaxing music – there are many benefits of listening to music whilst you work.

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