How to calm your nerves when speaking in public

Speaking in public can be terrifying for some people, although it might seem like it is impossible to get rid of the nerves associated with public speaking completely, it is possible to manage them in an effective way.

Practice – the more you practise speaking in front of others the more you will become comfortable with the whole process. This could be preparing your speeches in advance and asking your family and friends whether they would act as a practice audience for you.

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Breathing – when we are nervous or scared we tend to forget to breathe correctly. We instead start to breathe from our chests and this can then cause any panic and anxiety to feel much worse. Take a few deep breaths before you start your speech and be sure to add in some breathing pauses to your speech.

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Training – if you are going to undertake a lot of public speaking you might want to consider attending a Public speaking course London way or one local to you to help you gain more confidence. These courses will give you hints and tips on how you can overcome your nerves and how you can instead use them to help fuel your energy.

There are lots of well known speakers across the world and if you want to learn some new techniques you can watch some of them and learn from how they come across in their speeches.

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