The impact of the sofa in a room

Creating a room and allowing it to deliver an impact to anybody coming into it centres around a few themed pieces. The decor of the living room has to be followed  throughout the room as a theme otherwise you tend to find you get a disjointed room that is unpleasant to the eye and it doesn’t allow for any aesthetic leeway. When looking at designing a living room you have to consider three main elements.  The first is the colour scheme or wallpaper that you are going to choose.  The second is the curtains and soft furnishings which ideally should match.  and finally there is the small matter of the sofa that everybody is going to be sitting on in the living room.

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The positioning in the theme of the sofa is by far one of the most overriding factors of what you decide to put in the living room.  The dream, for some, is to own a Vintage Sofa

and then subsequently theme a room around it.  Looking at a vintage sofa  as an option opens one up to the possibilities of Chesterfield and assorted art deco designs that can be selected.

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If you have the safer as the main focal point of the living room it then means that you can shape the rest of the room around it in terms of colour scheme and decor.  For many of us the minimalists look is now the perceived norm, so a non busy room is always preferable.

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