Adobe takes out the checkbook and pays 1,680 million dollars for Magento to enter the battle for electronic commerce

Today Adobe wants to attract the attention of the world due to a movement that advances its strategy in the short and medium term. And it seems that they are not satisfied with making editing and design software, so the next step will be to enter the field of electronic commerce.

Adobe Systems confirmed the acquisition of Magento for 1,680 million dollars , an operation with which they seek to enhance the scope of its business known as Experience Cloud, which is in full growth and which aims to become its most important division in the future.

Being the provider of e-commerce platforms is the goal

Today, Salesforce and Oracle are the most important companies within e-commerce platforms , so Adobe now seeks to steal a part of that pie, since it is a millionaire business that grows brutally year after year.

For those who do not know, Magento is a platform that offers software to create and manage web stores , manage purchases, shipments and returns online. It also has tools that help merchants sell or promote their products on social networks.

The main competitor of Magento is Shopify. Today, Magento has important clients such as Canon, Coca-Cola and Warner Music. To give us an idea of ​​the size of this platform, it is enough to say that it currently manages more than 155,000 million dollars in merchandise annually . Not for nothing Adobe is betting everything on it.

Magento will be fully integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud suite, which can now offer tools for content creation, marketing, advertising, analysis, digital commerce, physical store synchronization, online transactions, order management and predictive intelligence. That is, a whole trading platform from one place.

It is expected that this operation will be approved by the regulatory bodies during the third quarter of the year, and by the end of the year we will be acquainted with the new tools and software of Adobe ready for e-commerce.

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