Top Reasons you should have a Marquee Wedding

Instead of having a run of the mill, everyday wedding event, why not choose to have a marquee wedding instead? This budget friendly option is one that many couples up and down the country has decided to go with for the most special day of their lives. You’ve probably seen your fair share of marquee weddings, in both real life and in the movies. They look outstanding and provide you with complete control over your big day. Here are the top reasons why you should skip the traditional wedding venue and choose a marquee wedding instead:

Top Reasons you should have a Marquee Wedding

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  1. Control is in your hands

Having a marquee wedding means that you have complete control over how everything looks, right down to the very last party gift! All you need is some space. Many couples choose to have their event held in a wide open area such as a field, perhaps beside a beautiful lake or overlooking some breath-taking scenery. Perhaps there is a specific location that is personal to you and your partner, this could make the ideal wedding location. You could also choose to have your wedding at home if you prefer.

  1. Romantic Setting

There is something very romantic and dreamy about a marquee wedding. You could have yours fitted with LED starlight linings and twinkling lights to brighten your night. Many people choose to colour co-ordinate their weddings, which is of course something you can do with a marquee at your disposal. You can decorate it however you like to make it as romantic as possible for you and your loved ones. Most marquees come custom made and tailored to your individual needs. According to Wedding Ideas Mag, one of the most popular trends include traditional styling styles with no lining, unclothed trestle tables and opened side. However, you get to choose how you want everything to look, instead of relying on someone else to make all of the important decisions about your wedding for you.

  1. Custom Catering Experience

One of the best aspects to a wedding is the food. Choosing a Marquee Hire Kent company that offers catering equipment allows you to get creative with the food served at your wedding. One of the most popular companies include marquee hire in Kent  marquee hire in Kent, who have provided beautiful marquees for hundreds of weddings in the UK. This trustworthy company offer a range of different shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs and requirements. They also offer services such as flooring, toilets, heating, carpet, dance floors and much more!

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